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Collagen Slows Down Hair Aging And Thinning Processes

Collagen is a type of protein that has antioxidants and helps fight cell damage that can make gray hair. As we get older, the cells that create the melanin pigment, which is the color of hair, will begin to lose their function. Gray hair is not only influenced by age and genetic factors, but also free radicals. Free radicals originating from bad lifestyle, stress, and environmental factors also accelerate the damage of these melanin cells. Aside from that, if you also lose some of your hair, and you want them to grow back, we recommend you to try the latest Laser hair growth device.

If you don’t have enough antioxidants, chances are that your hair will turn faster to gray. Even so, again, there is not enough research to truly state that collagen can help reduce gray hair.

Additionally, collagen also prevents thinning hair. Did you know that collagen produces 70% of the dermis or middle layer of your skin that contains the roots of each strand of hair? In fact, collagen also has a role in making the dermis more flexible and stronger. As we get older, the body will produce less collagen and fewer cells in the dermis are less filled. As a result, the hair will also become thinner.

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